Lens Artist Challenge – Mood

This week Sofia challenges us to find photos around the theme of mood. She has some great photos for the challenge and so do others! Do check them out if you get a chance. Here are some that I found.

Evoking a sense of calm with the nearly still water.

One more with a completely still lake, ah……I could sit there for hours.

Another that evokes calm, starting at sunrise. It could also give you an uneasy, ominous feeling with that yellow/orange hue.

Two totally different moods in the photo directly below. I’m completely enjoying my chocolate malt, whereas my daughter, not so much. Or so that was the emotion she was attempting. She decided she was not going to smile in every photo we took of her that day at the fair. And the one beneath the malt photo is yet another great expression of hers. This time she looked like she didn’t want to give her mother a bite of her brownie. Or perhaps she was anxious for me to be done with my bite?

Mom, are you done with your bite yet?

To me this photo evokes the eerie feeling. We were hiking at the North Shore where there was smoke from a forest fire. It made for some interesting photos!

I’d love to sit at that table and listen to the calming sounds of the lake splashing against the shore.

Not sure I want to venture across that bridge, you?

Doesn’t this make you want to grab a kazoo? Old friends having fun.

This sculpture always makes me feel relaxed.

Calm…….moonrise on the shores of Gitche Gumee.

One last one, a peaceful sunset at the lake.


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16 responses to “Lens Artist Challenge – Mood

  1. All that, mother-daughter classics, and Gitche Gumee. I love it.

  2. Your water images are lovely and the second image of your daughter cracked me up!

  3. It’s funny to see how water tends to bring the same type of mood to most. For me, it’s also peaceful. I love all your photos, especially the ones with your daughter. What a great set of facial expressions :D

  4. The mother and daughter shots are a great idea for interpreting this theme and made me smile :) And you have some excellent calming shots too!

    • Thanks so much! My daughter is full of lovely expressions 🤓 When I saw the theme for this week, I immediately thought of that photo of us with the brownie, an all-time favorite of mine.

  5. A great collection, Toby. Wonderful nature images. Your daughter’s expressions (moods) are priceless!

  6. Amy

    A wonderful moody image series, Tobyo! Fun stories :)

  7. Your lake photos all offer a sense of calm. I could sit there for hours too. I loved your feature photos of the treehouse and the sunset. Lots of moods going on there for sure. I love how you captured your daughter with photos that will someday make her laugh!

    And honestly I would just have to cross that rickety bridge. A nice gallery Toby.

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