Lens Artists Challenge – Art in the Park (and other places)

Oh boy, I have many photos that immediately came to mind as I read John’s post for this week’s challenge. I’m going to have to control myself! Check out his post as he’s got some delightful art and in the comments you can find other entries to peruse.

In any gallery below, click on any photo to see a larger image and to read captions.

My daughter is a violist and a couple of times a year her viola teacher puts together an ensemble of her current and prior students and they prepare pieces to perform. During the pandemic she found it difficult to find places to rehearse but she persisted and eventually found a parking ramp at my health clinic, as it happened. They also had their concert there. They had one other outdoor concert in 2020 which was a fund-raiser for a food shelf. They played in front of an elementary school near her house and the audience social-distanced in our folding chairs that we all brought. My daughter is best seen in the third photo. She’s the one on the left.

Here’s one of my husband’s many performances. He’s the bass player on the left singing his heart out :)

A mosaic at the Minnesota State Fair.

A Chihuly glass sculpture from Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida.

Last month I created a post of urban art in Minneapolis and I’ll post some here. If you’re interested in seeing more of them, do check out my post.

From the Soho district in Málaga, España.

Urban art from the Lagunillas neighborhood in Málaga, España. If you’d like to see more, check out my post.

A painted old mailbox with scenes from northern Minnesota at Itasca State Park.

In my travels I’ve visited many sculpture gardens. Below are some of my favorites.


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16 responses to “Lens Artists Challenge – Art in the Park (and other places)

  1. Quite a musical family!
    An interesting variety of public art from many parts of the world.
    The “timberwolf” on the mailbox caught my eye, maybe because of the basketball team. 😊

    • Yes! I play flute and sing as well. Yea, I’d guess the basketball team was named for the Minnesota timberwolves. Very astute! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it!

  2. Music is in the genes! Great photos and art. I still haven’t explored Las Lagunillas. You’ve inspired me to get there.

  3. Clearly a talented family! I love the Chihuly and of course the street art :)

  4. You’ve got a wonderful collection of murals, but all the sculptures you’ve shared are cool as well.
    That mural of Prince is probably my favorite image, but maybe that’s my fandom showing through. >grin<

    • I think that Prince mural is my favorite of the ones I’ve seen. Thanks for the fun challenge and for your comments too. Much appreciated 👍

  5. This is a fantastic photo of artwork. Great gallery to delight us. :D

  6. GREAT selections, great variety. Love the Giant Head in the banner shot, but it’s just a bust! 😂

  7. Loved the variety in your post Toby – art truly is all around us as you’ve beautifully shown. Especially loved the images of your family’s involvement in music – fantastic!

  8. Great stuff. Love the ones from Malaga

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