Museo Automovilístico, Málaga

Or for the gringos in the crowd, Automobile Museum. Pretty sure you’re all smart enough to see the cognates in the Spanish words :)

When I learned that there was an automobile museum in Málaga, I knew we had to visit it. We’d been to the automobile museum in Reno years ago and really enjoyed it.  Check out my post of that visit here if you like.

The museum in Málaga is outside the city center and since we had planned to visit other sites outside the center, I learned about bus passes. I got one card that we could use between us and it covered all three of our bus trips. I chose a ten ride pass and if you’re doing the math you might wonder what happened to ride numbers 11 and 12? Well, we walked down from Gibralfaro instead of taking the bus back down the hill.

It was another enjoyable visit to this automobile museum.  It’s official title is Museo Automovilístico y de la Moda because they have mannequins in period dress to go along with the cars.  I think my favorite was the Hippi car designed by John Lennon. Take a look and decide which ones are your favorites.

First my photos:

And John’s photos. I noticed there aren’t too many duplicates which gives you an idea of how many cars we saw. A lot! Well, worth a visit if you’re in Málaga.

Also, if you’re curious about a particular car or would like more information about the museum, check out their website. They have online galleries of all the cars as well as all the fashions.  Enjoy!!


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2 responses to “Museo Automovilístico, Málaga

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always loved the streamlined auto shapes of the 40s.

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