San Francisco in less than two hours!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Well, I lived it!  And it was the most fun four people could have in less than two hours.  This was the same weekend of my brother’s wedding in northern California.  Our flight home wasn’t until Monday evening so we had several hours to play with.  One thing we absolutely had to do was eat at an In ‘N Out Burger.  More on that shortly.

We got to San Francisco about noon and parked near Ghirardelli Square and that was a must for my niece and what a fun place that is!!  So many different types of chocolates.  You could choose from already arranged items or you could build your own with samplers. You pay by the pound and your bag is weighed at the register.  We stopped in a card/book/post card shop as well and found a few treasures then headed off to Fisherman’s Wharf. We looked around about 10 minutes, took some photos then headed back to the car because by this time we were all getting hungry.  The line at the In ‘N Out at the wharf was way too long so we got into our rental van and went in search of another one.  My niece and her husband worked together with their GPS and soon we were (almost) pulling into the lot of another In ‘N Out.  Oh, except that there was nowhere to park!! I noticed the line was out the door.  Wow these places are popular!  We ended up at one that was about 5 minutes from the airport.  Perfect, then we could take our time.  We had to park in the back 40 because, again, there were lots of people wanting an In ‘N Out burger! This time our timing was perfect.  When we got inside there was nobody in line!!  But as we sat and ate our food I noticed the line eventually going out the door again. Wow.  Check out my photos:

I’ll close with a photo of San Francisco from the plane. It’s not the best photo but it tells the tale:


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18 responses to “San Francisco in less than two hours!

  1. Mr. Militant Negro

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  2. I really like your photo of San Francisco! Y’know there’s an In ‘n out in Santa Rosa…..hugs and happy new year!

    • oh yes, we also went to the one in Santa Rosa and I think there might be two in Santa Rosa :) happy new year to you too! and thanks for dropping by and commenting :)

  3. Did not go to the in and out because it was always busy!
    But yes San Francisco was fun for us and we had the best weather ever!

  4. Toby, thanks for the memories. It has been twenty years since we have been to SF and the pictures gave me a taste of why we loved it. Thanks, Keith

  5. Fun on the fly. Good for you taking in all you can when the opportunity presented itself. Love the pictures. I left my heart in San Francisco though I have never been there. Maybe someday. :-) :-D

  6. Susan Horcajoan

    I love the pic of SF from the air! Hopefully next time you will get a chance to go to the Cliff House and the beach there. That’s one of my favorite places to go, as well as the Presidio, the GG Bridge, Chinatown and Little Italy. (Can you tell I’m homesick?) Two hours is definitely not enough!

    • Thanks! Um….probably won’t be a next time sad to say since we’re now focused on getting junior to college and then sailing off to Spain. Yes, I can tell that you’re homesick. And two hours definitely is not enough but we had so much fun in that time :)

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  8. I was born and raised in the Bay Area and still can never get enough of SF. So much to do!!! And nothing beats In-N-Out <3

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