My 2016 in photos

As in past years I’ve compiled a review of my year in the photos below.  I hope you enjoy.


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8 responses to “My 2016 in photos

  1. Toby, I love the recap. The first one is otherworldly beautiful. My favorite is mom and daughter. Happy New Year my friend, Keith

  2. Sue Hendricks

    Looks like a great year!

  3. jklm

    what a great time the three of you are having! I think I need to get to Spain! and listen to some viola!

    Happy New Year Toby!

    • aha, I had to go look at your email address to figure out who this was :) you definitely need to get to Spain. Come visit us after we move there. Perfect! Happy new year to you too!

  4. It looks like you been to a lot of beautiful places! May your 2017 be full of adventures!

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